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包棟的「棟數」或背包客房的「床數」,即為您選擇的房間數。例:想找兩棟包棟房型,房間數請選擇 2。
About the tour Notes Cost details Transit

About the tour
About the tour Notes Cost details Transit
TWD $ 4,000 up

Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour

Taiwan | Nantou |

3168 are interested with this tour

12 hr
6~8 for a group
14Days prior to the tour for booking
Language: Chinese、English
TWD $ 4,000 up
Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
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About the tour

A visit to the most easily accessible mountain above 3,000m in Taiwan, located in the country’s central region in the Central Mountain Range: Hehuanshan (Mt. Hehuan).

Experience Hehuanshan’s summertime alpine flower bloom, painting the high-mountain slopes with brilliant colors.

A day traveling to Hehuanshan and back, with pick-up and drop-off at Taichung HSR Station and Qingjing Farm.

The Hehuanshan cluster of peaks is located in central Taiwan, at the junction of Taichung County and Nantou County. The massif is topped by seven interconnected summits. The distinctive landscape here is characterized by an alpine coniferous forest, home to Taiwan’s endemic species and grasslands of Yushan Cane (a type of arrow bamboo). A high-grade highway enables motor-vehicle access, making Hehuanshan’s summits the most accessible of the Taiwan 100 Peaks. (*The Taiwan 100 Peaks were selected by prominent members of Taiwan’s mountaineering community from among peaks above 3,000m in elevation; the selection criteria included uniqueness, danger, height, beauty, and prominence.)

In winter, many tourists come to experience the thrill of fresh snowfalls. In spring and summer, Hehuanshan walks and hikes bring you through exquisitely beautiful blooms, making the mountain a dazzlingly colorful world of flowers!

Alpine flowers are an important ecological feature of Hehuanshan. The terrain variation and abundant rainfall has made Hehuanshan rich with endemic alpine plants. In spring and summer seasons come the Yushan Rhododendron, Red-hairy Rhododendron, and grass-of-Parnassus, and in mid-summer the Taiwan Lily, Japanese Knotweed, Goldenrod, and Small Leaf Edelweiss. The Taiwan Monkshood, Yushan Pink, and others take their turn in autumn, bringing a new blaze of beauty to the mountaintop. During your 1-day Hehuanshan tour the peak-ascent trail will be chosen according to optimal flower-viewing conditions.

- Scenic Highlights -

▲ Hehuanshan National Forest Recreation Area
This was Taiwan’s first designated national forest recreation area. Among the numerous high-mountain summits in the park are Mt. Hehuan Main Peak, Mt. Hehuan East Peak, Mt. Hehuanjian, and Mt. Shihmen. The coniferous forest landscape over 3,000m high is a rarity around the globe, featuring an undulating interchange between coniferous trees and waving Yushan Cane that creates a forest boundary land terrain that is dramatically unique. The Yushan Juniper seen at Hehuanshan’s East Peak or North Peak reflects Taiwan's unique fearless characteristics in the face of frost, snow or strong wind. This Taiwan’s endemic species (Yushan Juniper) standing at the high mountain add picturesque atmosphere to the surrounding areas.

▲ Mt. Hehuan East Peak Trail
Mt. Hehuan East Peak is the second highest among the Hehuanshan cluster, at 3,421m. The upper reaches stand towering, majestic, and independent, and the field of view on the peak is wide open. It can be reached in about an hour from the trailhead. The scenery along the trail is distinct in each of the four seasons. This is the area of greatest Yushan Rhododendron concentration, and during the May/June bloom the mountainside comes alive with pastel purples and reds.

▲ Mt. Hehuan North Peak Trail
Mt. Hehuan North Peak has an altitude of 3,422m, making it the tallest among the Hehuanshan group. From the trailhead, the hike to the peak and back takes 4-5 hours. The North Peak is Hehuanshan’s premier place for the viewing the Red-hairy Rhododendron; once past the trailhead you’ll find yourself amidst a sea of flowers, in a spectacular Red-hairy Rhododendron world.

Activity process

07:30 AM Taichung HSR Station (Meeting Point 1)

09:00 AM Qingjing Farm Visitor Center (Meeting Point 2)

09:00 AM – 11:00 AM Route (Qingjing Farm Visitor Center>Mt. Hehuan East Peak or North Peak trailhead)

(Route adjusted in accordance with flower-season bloom conditions)

11:00 AM– 04:30 PM Trail to Hehuanshan East Peak or North Peak (route adjusted in accordance with flower-season bloom conditions)

(English-speaking mountain-hiking guide will explain alpine forest and flora ecology)

Lunch: Indigenous-style boxed lunch

04:30 PM – 05:00 PM Rest Stop (3158 Café)

05:00 PM – 05:30 PM Route (Hehuanshan>Qingjing Farm Visitor Center (Return to Point 1))

05:30 PM – 07:30 PM Route (Taichung HSR Station (Return to Point 2))

Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
Nantou|Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers|1-Day Tour
- In order to ensure the safety of all tourists as well as the quality of the overall tour experience, participants must be sure to obey all instructions from the driver, tour guide, and high-mountain guides, and not leave the group without permission. Due to considerations regarding personal fitness, safety, and group return time, please follow the directions from your driver guide and high-mountain guide. If at any time a participant leaves the group without permission, or ignores efforts at dissuasion, all costs and legal responsibilities that may arise shall be borne in full by the departing individual.
- Participants should be at least 8 years of age, children 8 to 12 years old must be accompanied by guardians, and seniors over 80 years of age must be accompanied by family members.
- This itinerary is a professionally guided mountain-outing itinerary that is suitable for experienced hikers. However, since a good portion of time is spent on mountain trails, it is best to be physically fit or to have some mountain-hiking experience.
- Before booking, individuals should ensure they are in good physical health, with fitness level appropriate for a high-mountain outing and outdoor hiking activities. Individuals with heart disease, fear of heights, high blood pressure, pregnancy, etc., which are incompatible with the scheduled outdoor activities, and those who are too young or too infirm to complete the activities on their own, should not participate.
- The main departure point for this tour is the Taichung HSR Station; pick-up can also be arranged at the Qingjing Farm Visitor Center. Separate notification will be used for actual pick-up time. Please indicate pick-up location choice when booking to facilitate arrangements.
- The room type for overnight accommodation is a two persons room. Room allocation will be arranged in accordance with order of booking and actual room conditions (males and females sleep separately). If traveling with a companion but booked separately, please call customer service to make arrangements.
- Because this itinerary includes mountain-hiking activities, please wear light and comfortable clothing and non-slip footwear suitable for walking. As night-time mountain temperatures are comparatively low, please also prepare warm clothing.
- Please prepare sun protection, mosquito repellent, rain gear, drink bottle, and any special medicines you may need. If you need to rent any type of mountain-adventure gear, assistance can be provided, but please make any requests in advance when booking.
- The final hiking itinerary will be adjusted by the guide according to circumstances within the group, weather conditions on the day, or other special factors, with slight adjustment of viewing routes or attractions.
- This itinerary involves a high-mountain environment, with strict prohibitions on throwing away garbage or fruit peels and dumping of food waste. Please care for and protect the beautiful mountain ecosystem, packing garbage in bags and bringing it off the mountain yourself.
- In order to allow mountain forest lovers to fully enjoy the land, all participants must strive to avoid impacting the forest environment, so please abide by the Leave No Trace (LNT) code: adequate planning and preparation in advance, walking and camping only in appropriate locations, garbage disposal only in a proper eco-protection manner, maintaining the original appearance of the environment, minimizing the impact of fire on the environment, respecting wildlife and plants, and consideration of others.
Cost details

The cost includes :

-Professional English-speaking driver
-English high-mountain guide
-Fuel cost for 9-seater van
-Road tolls
-Package travel insurance

The cost does not include:

Any expenses which are not specifically listed within this trip offer, out-of-pocket expenses, or any expenses additionally derived from the itinerary.

Cancellation clauses

If make cancellation 41 days prior the departure day, 95% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 31-40 days prior the departure day, 90% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 21-30 days prior the departure day, 80% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 2-20 days prior the departure, 70% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 1 day prior the departure day, 50% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation at departure day, no tour fee will be refunded.

If the application for changing departure date is due to personal factors, it will be treated as cancellation and will be handled in accordance with the above cancellation policy.

If the activity is suspended due to the cause which can not be ascribed to the organizer, no refund will be issued. 

Tripbaa will inform you of postponement or refund if there is any force majeure. 

Meet point:
Taichung HSR Station, 07:30 AM/Qingjing Farm Visitor Center, 09:00 AM
Transportation to and from the designated Meeting Point have to be arranged by the participants themselves.

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