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包棟的「棟數」或背包客房的「床數」,即為您選擇的房間數。例:想找兩棟包棟房型,房間數請選擇 2。

Hidden Treasure of Asia – Find Your Treasure in Taiwan

Taiwan is one of the islands with the most high mountains in the world. Thanks to a rate of over 60% forest coverage and the diverse climate change of the tropical, warm, and temperate zones, this island boasts a very rich biodiversity. Due to the differences in geographical environment, ethnic culture has also developed a unique lifestyle of symbiosis, coexistence, and the common good. It has become Taiwan’s fascinating and precious treasure. 


Introduction of the National Forest Recreation Areas

There are 18 national forest recreation areas which aim to preserve abundant forest resources and maintain ecological conservation. This time six national forest recreational areas have been selected. You are invited to walk into the forest and get to know the mountains. Meanwhile eco-friendly travel is undertaken according to the principles of environmental protection, ecological conservation and local community assistance.


Hiking in the Mountains

For beginner hikers, the administration of the National Forest Recreation Areas provides friendly trails. Travelers can go hiking easily, and can appreciate the seasonal changes in the forest and enjoy the forest healing brought by nature without needing to bring too much hiking gear. 


Recommended Routes:

Wulai:Nei-dong dinosaur tree fern with Atayal settlement cultural tour

Wulai:Taiwan’s centennial forest culture with Neidong forest hiking tour

Nantou:Aowanda forest healing with meadow picnic JOMO tour

Nantou:Hiking in Aowanda forest trails with Seediq cultural experience tour


Meeting the Forest

Taiwan is the southernmost point of coniferous forests in the world, and it is also one of the few places where coniferous forests can be seen above 3,000 meters. Taiwan is also very rich in terms of its biodiversity. There are more than 9,600 endemic species, making it suitable for travelers who want to know more about the forest.


Recommended Routes:

Nantou:Hehuan Moutain’s Acacia fir coniferous forest with alpine hiking at glacier ruins

Nantou:Taiwan’s unique Yushan Juniper with Hehuan Moutain’s alpine flowers

Taichung:Taiwan’s endemic bird observation with forest culture in the 1960s

Taichung:Cliff climbing at Yuan-Zui Moutain with Dasyueshan National Forest Recreation Area



Tourists can take a responsible tour experiencing the local nature and humanistic development. Economic benefits can also be brought to the locals by working with the community to maintain the natural ecological environment and investing in ecological conservation.


Recommended Routes:

Chiayi:Taiwan Alishan Forest Railway and Alishan 8 new wonders

Pingtung:Underwater world on land with Kenting sustainable bay ecology

Pingtung:Season limited / Chasing Buzzard eagles in Kenting, Hengchun human ecology tour


Forest Railway

Taiwan’s centennial forestry development has a close relationship with forest railway transportation. The Alishan Forest Railway was built at the peak of the world's railway technology. It has four major construction methods: Z-shaped, U-turn, spiral mountaineering route and a special vertical cylinder Shay steam locomotive. It was also the first important national cultural landscape to be registered before any others by the Ministry of Culture.


Recommended Route:

Chiayi|railway fan exclusive:Alishan forest railway cultural experience


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