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About the tour Notes Cost details Transit

About the tour
About the tour Notes Cost details Transit
TWD $ 8,320 up

Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour

Taiwan | Nantou |

1522 are interested with this tour

2 day
6~8 for a group
14Days prior to the tour for booking
Language: Chinese、English
TWD $ 8,320 up
Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour
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About the tour

In the mountainous area of central Taiwan’s Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, you get to enjoy the uniquely beautiful scenery featuring forest, red maples, and splendid waterfalls.

Breathe deeply together with the trees of the forest, write a letter to your future self, and embark on a journey where you can feel the healing and relaxing powers of the forest.

Picnic on the grass – Enjoy a tribal-style picnic feast made with local ingredients.

We explore the Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area in the mountains of central Taiwan, which is blessed with natural resources such as maple forest, cherry blossoms, birds, waterfalls, and thick woodlands all intertwined with one another. It is absolutely worth visiting all year round. Take a stroll along the landscape trails with their changing colors in different seasons, walking in the woods in a spirit of freedom, enjoy the forest’s phytoncides. We even arrange a night excursion to most fully experience this enthralling and diverse ecological environment.

Feel the direct contact with nature, and aim to walk barefoot over the verdant grassland, relax in an idleness with a lovely picnic out in the open air, and taste the wonderful flavors of local ingredients. Round off this very special forest healing journey by gathering fallen branches and leaves scattered on the forest ground, create your own flowers-and-grass portrait collage, let the forest inspire you to write a letter to your future self, and allow yourself to reposition and find fresh motivation in your life.

- About the Accommodation|Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area -
# Accommodation Type : "Wooden Cottage" or similar level of accommodation in Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area
# Room type: Website price is for a two persons room.
# Number of occupants: 2 adults (if two participants are not booked together, the travel agency will arrange room combinations)
# If you need a 3 or 4 persons room, additional fees will be charged (no adjoining-room combination policy)

- About the costs|Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO 2-Day Trip -
# Infants under 2 years old: only insurance and administrative service fees are charged.
# Children 2-6 years old: no extra bed, but meals, vehicle, activities, and insurance fees are charged.
# Children over 7 years old: full adult price.

- Scenic Highlights-
▲ Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area
Aowanda is located in the mountains of central Taiwan at an altitude of between 1,100 and 2,600m. Most of the park is home to mixed coniferous and broadleaf forests. The majority is primary forest, with most represented areas of maple and pine trees. Visitors are enthralled, and filled with a sense of calm. This natural environment is filled with spectacular waterfalls, suspension bridges, and fascinating wildlife, adding up the unique charm to Aowanda.

▲ Aowanda Indigenous Tribes
Aowanda was cultivated by the indigenous people in the early days. There are still numerous indigenous villages nearby. Most tribal members are engaged in farming, and have adopted environmentally friendly farming methods, producing myriad delicious local ingredients. Used in the indigenous villagers’ skillful cooking, with wooden utensils and banana leaves filled with local culinary specialties, the natural indigenous flavors of Aowanda are a culinary taste adventure not to be missed!

Activity process

Day 1

09:00 Taichung HSR Station (Meeting Point)

11:30 Arrived Aowanda National Forest Recreation Area, hike the Cherry Garden Trail, insect observation at the ecological pond

12:30 Lunch (Chinese banquet-style Cuisine)

14:00 Forest therapy walk (Hero Slope Trail, Forest Park Trail, Forest Classroom, Jiuxionglin, Aowanda Suspension Bridge, Maple Forest Trail, etc.)

17:00 Check in

18:00 Dinner (Chinese banquet-style Cuisine)

19:30 Ecological Night Excursion

Day 2

08:00 Breakfast

09:00 Hike the Waterfalls Zone Trail and Maple-watching Trail

11:30 Lunch – Indigenous-style grassland picnic

13:00 Stroll the Forest Trail, around Green Resort Village

14:00 Forest Therapy at the Aowanda Nature Center (Flower-and-grass portrait collage & write a postcard to your future self)

17:00 Taichung HSR Station

Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour
Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour
Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour
Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour
Nantou | Aowanda forest therapy with meadow picnic JOMO tour| 2-Day Tour
- In order to ensure the safety of all tourists as well as the quality of the overall tour experience, participants must be sure to obey all instructions from the tour guide, and not leave the group without permission. Due to considerations regarding personal fitness, safety, and group return time, all matters will be handled with “tour guide direction” as the core principle. If at any time a participant leaves the group without permission, or ignores efforts at dissuasion, all costs and legal responsibilities that may arise shall be borne in full by the departing individual.
- Participants should be at least 3 years of age, children 3 to 8 years old must be accompanied by guardians, and seniors over 80 years of age must be accompanied by family members.
- As the destination consists mostly of a natural environment with wet and slippery trails, make sure to wear light and comfortable clothing and non-slip shoes. When walking on the trail steps, be particularly careful and pay attention to your safety.
- Generally, a chartered nine-seater van will bring you to and from the destination. Please gather at the designated Meeting Point on time on the day of the activity. In the event a participant must leave the group or cannot meet due to personal reasons, no refund will be granted.
- Please prepare your own sun protection, mosquito repellent, rain gear, drink bottle, and any personal medicines you may need.
- The itinerary may be adjusted slightly depending on the time of the tour, the weather conditions on the day, or other special and/or unforeseeable factors.
- Activity group formation: In the event that there are not enough participants for a specific trip to form a group, you will be notified before the trip to reschedule, or you will receive a full refund. In certain cases of force majeure such as typhoons, earthquakes, etc., the travel agency may require cancellation of the trip.
- In order to allow mountain forest lovers to fully enjoy the land, all participants must strive to avoid impacting the forest environment, so please abide by the Leave No Trace (LNT) code: adequate planning and preparation in advance, walking and camping only in appropriate locations, garbage disposal only in a proper eco-protection manner, maintaining the original appearance of the environment, minimizing the impact of fire on the environment, respecting wildlife and plants, and consideration of others.
Cost details

The cost includes :

- Professional English-speaking driver cum tour guide
- Fuel cost for 9-seater van
- Road tolls
- 1st Day: Lunch, Dinner
- 2nd Day: Breakfast, Lunch
- 1 night accommodation
- Culture experience and activities
- Package travel insurance
- National Forest Recreation Area admission ticket

The cost does not include:

Any expenses which are not specifically listed within this trip offer, out-of-pocket expenses, or any expenses additionally derived from the itinerary.

Cancellation clauses

If make cancellation 41 days prior the departure day, 95% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 31-40 days prior the departure day, 90% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 21-30 days prior the departure day, 80% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 2-20 days prior the departure, 70% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 1 day prior the departure day, 50% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation at departure day, no tour fee will be refunded.

If the application for changing departure date is due to personal factors, it will be treated as cancellation and will be handled in accordance with the above cancellation policy.

If the activity is suspended due to the cause which can not be ascribed to the organizer, no refund will be issued. 

Tripbaa will inform you of postponement or refund if there is any force majeure. 

Meet point:
Taichung HSR Station
Transportation to and from the designated Meeting Point have to be arranged by the participants themselves.

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