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About the tour Notes Cost details Transit

About the tour
About the tour Notes Cost details Cancellation clauses Transit
$ 3,035 TWD

Nara see-it-all tour


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7 hr
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Language: Chinese、English、Japanese
$ 3,035 TWD
Individual tourist   
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Contact locals
About the tour

Let's get the best of world heritage-listed Nara(Japan's first permanent capital 1300 years ago) on a one-day visit from Osaka.
Visit some historical sites like Great Buddha, Todai-ji temple, Kofuku-ji temple, and 5 stories Pagoda.
We also have an opportunity to explore Naramachi old town district.

★Kasuga Shrine
World Heritage Site "Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara" Kasuga Shrine

Todaiji temple is a world heritage in Nara.
Nandaimon gate has a width of 2.2m and height of 25m.
It is called Temizuya or Chozuya where you cleanse your body before entering shrines and temples.

Daibutsu(Great buddha)!!
About 15 meters height.
builder:emperor Shomu
hight: 14.98m

In addition to Daibutsu, there are many Buddhist statues
Especially, Kongo-rikishi(a pair of Deva Kings) are out- standing.
They (A-gyo at left and UN-gyo at right) are placed on both sides
in order to keep the sanctuary from evil things.

Nara has more than 1200 deer.
They are everywhere includes Nara park, Todaiji temple.
According to local folklore, deer from this area were considered sacred.
They are classified as natural treasure.
You can purchase "deer-crackers" ( Shika-senbei) to feed the deer in the park.

Did you already try Sake? You can have Sake of Nara at here.

Activity process

10:00 In front of Shinsaibashi OPA  

11:00 Todaiji,Kasuga Shrine tourism

12:30 Tourism Naramachi(Free Time)

14:30 Harushika Sake brewer

15:00 Leave Nara

16:00 Ends tour at Shinsaibashi

○departure policy

Please gather by 15 minutes before the departure.

You cannot change the place where you will get on/off the bus on the day of the tour.

The bus will depart at the fixed time. Be sure to come by that time.

Bus station for getting on/off the bus may change in the sightseeing season, etc.Thank you for your understanding.

The bus may delay due to traffic, weather, etc.

Even if the time for sightseeing is shorten by a delay in the arrival time due to weather, traffic etc., or a delay in the return arrival time causes necessity to use a taxi or a hotel, we may accept no claim.

Even if delay of the bus causes an inconvenience in change for our bus which you reserved or other transportation, we may not make compensation. Thank you for your understanding.

○In the bus

When you get on the bus, show the final guidance (printed copy or on your mobile) to staff.

The bus has no space for trunk.

The bus has no toilet.

No smoking in the bus.

Please refrain from drinking on board or drinking just before boarding.

We cannot keep your luggage in the bus. Thank you for your understanding.

Please refrain from drinking an alcoholic drink or being totally drunk, to prevent other passengers from having trouble.

For a safety purpose, you cannot travel with your child at no charge on your lap.


If we found your activity is out of law, we may require you to immediately leave from the tour. In this case, it will be treated as a waiver.

The tours are not wheelchair-accessible, sorry.

We may not refund in cash for cancel on the day.

Please pay attention to the passenger on the seat behind you when you use the reclining seat.

Deer in Nara are designated as Natural Monument.

Deer in Nara Park are plant-eating that eat lawn-grass and berries.

Shika Senbei is a safe snack for the deer.They damage their stomach if they eat sweets or vegetables.

Some stores or facilities may be open/close extraordinarily.

There are some occasion you may not enter in a shrine or a temple due to an event.

You may not take a photo in some historical buildings.
Cost details

The cost includes :

Todaiji temple Entrance fee

The cost does not include:

Lunch Harushika Sake tasting fee (500 yen)

Cancellation clauses
If make cancellation 7 days prior the departure day, 100% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 4-7 days prior the departure day, 70% of tour fee will be refunded.

If make cancellation 3 days prior the departure day, no tour fee will be refunded.

If the activity is suspended due to the cause which can not be ascribed to the organizer, no refund will be issued. 

Tripbaa will inform you of postponement or refund if there is any force majeure. 

Meet point: In front of Shinsaibashi OPA  


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Tripbaa Inc. Chairman: Owen Wang Contact: Kueiling Lin Address: 4F, No.197, Sec. 4, Nanjing E. Rd. Songshan Dist., Taipei City 10579 Taiwan (R.O.C.)

© 2015-2018 Tripbaa Inc. │ Design by Julyinfo.